Friday, November 19, 2010

Physical Experience

I have a new-found respect for living a physical life, in a physical body. From some of the work I have studied, mostly the teachings of Abraham/Esther & Jerry Hicks, I've come to know that we as physically embodied souls --human beings-- are on the leading edge of thought. We are on the very precipice of Creation, meaning we are the ultimate expression of thought, of energy, of Source --all of which is made up of God-substance. We are It! Quite literally. If before anything ever existed there was God, then all of that which came into existence thereafter is formed, manifested of God -- literally God-thought, God-energy, God-substance. Everything is made out of God. God is all-there-is. And to acknowledge that it could be otherwise is to say that God is not the ultimate Source, not omniscient, not omnipresent, not omnipotent. For God could only be so if He were All, if He were All-there-is.

So getting back to my original point: many of us who follow spirituality have a sort of reverence for the disembodied spirits, the disincarnate. There is something alluring to this kind of energetic presence that is formless and lives among thought and energy and emotion, and can be molded at-will, changed, mutated. It is akin to dreaming. Many adults lose that sense of wonder and interest about dreams; dreams take a back seat. Oddly, though, our dreams are the easiest to manifest and closest experiences that we can have resembling the astral, non-physical experience without extensive training in spiritual arts and sciences. Dreams are the only place that most people experience that infinite potential and possibility. But I have digressed once again.

My point is: spiritual people get geeked about out-of-body existence and about the different phenomena which are associated with such an astral presence (e.g.: telepathy, seeing the future, speaking to spirits).

What I have learned, however, is that those disincarnate entities are just as geeked about physical existence as we are about non-physical existence! It is yin and yang, ebb and flow. You see, physical expression is the ultimate in energetic expression. It is the reason why expansion is continuous. It is the contraction which releases more energy into the universe. In fact, I believe that humans are continually creating things because it is a drive to expand, to grow, to become better. It stems from the desire to manifest God into the physical and to experience God-self, for God is that ultimate perfect expression of Creation, of Life, of Existence. We instinctively create and manifest because it is the process of creation and learning and striving that brings us closer and closer to God and God-life-expression and closer to experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Treasure your physical life, and go forth and learn, grow, create and explore, knowing that you are the ultimate expression of God, and in so being, you are perfect, for God is perfect and infallible. Be at one with All-there-is and be fulfilled by your creations because they bring you closer to God, closer to yoga, closer to your dreams.

Namaste to all of you beautiful, physical expressions of God.